Inviting the Holy Spirit into the Classroom

Deborah, the Tadpole lead teacher, washing the feet of her
student to simulate Jesus washing the feet of His disciples.
We have a staff meeting once per month, right after school ends. These are mostly typical staff meetings with sharing stories from the past week, upcoming events, and brainstorming sessions. One particular evening set all the others apart: Inviting the Holy Spirit into the classroom.
I listened intently as Sarah, the Butterfly lead teacher, talked about a group session where they were practicing Making Silence. This is intentional: It’s not about what the children are not doing (talking, playing), but what they are creating (silence). I love the positive spin on this concept.
Since I wasn’t familiar with what they do in Making Silence, Sarah went on to explain to me and the other staff how—among other things—making silence creates space for us to hear from Jesus.
During this session, while the children were making silence, Sarah talked about how making silence makes it possible for us to hear from Jesus, and suggested that it might look like a picture or feel like a thought since we all experience the Holy Spirit in different ways. She invited them to close their eyes and be quiet and still for a few moments. Afterward, she asked if any of the children wanted to share anything from that time.
“I heard Him say I love you!”
“I saw a picture of a house.”
 “He told me I don’t have to be afraid anymore.”
My jaw dropped open. A warm chill ran through me. The Holy Spirit was in this classroom, ministering to these precious, young children. Where else in the world, I thought, does this happen in a school?
My son has been a student here for a year and a half, and I’ve been working here for a year. And yet it wasn’t until that moment when I realized something; I had no idea how blessed he—and the rest of my family—are to be part of what God is doing at Colorado Christian Montessori.
This is one beautiful school.
Be blessed!


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