Looking Forward to 2018 - Yes Really!

Happy New Year!!! Welcome Back to everyone! January is such a great time in the school year because the students are excited to be back after Christmas Break , they are familiar with the classroom, and end up doing fabulous work! Maria Montessori refers to this as the children becoming “Normalized.” (controlled, stable, & comfortable) Yeah! That’s what we are going for!

The “2-3 year old club” will be working on hearing beginning sounds, recognizing shapes and colors, and even tracing their names with Markers! The “4 year old club” will be continuing letter & sound recognition, number recognition and copy writing. They will also be making their own World or North America Maps. The new “5 year old club” will be having a focused time in the  afternoons working on letters, sounds, numbers and the writing on the line.  The Kindergartners will continue working on reading, phonogram/blends, compound words, sight words, alphabetical order and adding.

This month we are studying God’s AMAZING ocean!  We will be little oceanographers exploring the different creatures of the sea and categorizing them into groups: Mammals, Fish, Invertebrates, Reptiles & Birds. We will be wrapping up our special study with a trip to the Downtown Aquarium and everyone’s invited to come along!

Our Idea of the Month is  Honesty. A key thought is that having honor is better than having treasure. We really want to emphasize the importance of telling the truth & doing what’s right even when it’s hard.  This ties in great with our Bible Focus of the 10 Commandments.  Your children will be memorizing the 10 commandments using  a finger play called “The perfect 10.” Be listening for some of this to be coming home with your children.  I’m always so amazed at how much they are
absorbing, learning, and able to recall. They are such a blessing!

As always, feel free to share any ideas, thoughts or concerns with us about our special studies or anything else.

~ Warmly, Ms. Sarah & Ms. Deborah


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